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So here we are December 30, 2019 thinking about how this year has been. Yes, there have been some trials and tribulations but some really great accomplishments. Nevertheless I always at least THINK about new year resolutions but never really have them, it is such a disappointment when I don’t keep them. then again, when I do keep them, wow! it sure feels good.

What is a Resolution?

According to the dictionary online, it means a resolve, a decision or a determination. A firm decision to do or not to do something. Sometimes making a resolution makes me feel bad so I have been known to call it an intention or a small goal. Seems a bit easier on my psychic.

A Bit Of History

Did you know that New Year Resolutions started back in 2000BC? No, I am not kidding! Babylonians celebrated the New Year for about 11 days (starting with the vernal equinox). It all revolved around the returning of borrowed farm equipment (which makes perfect sense because they were an agriculturally based society). So this was nothing new to them.

Sometimes it’s hard just getting started to even think about what resolutions I should be doing. There are so many. For example, bad habits, starting a good habit, starting a new project. Nevertheless, sometimes it boggles my mind. I end up saying “nah, not that, I’ll never finish that one”

Couple Hints on Starting

1. Find a comfortable place to sit and reflect. Jot down some thoughts.

2. Don’t get going too much on this. Keep it simple, maybe one or two things.

3. Base it on something you really want to do. Not something someone else says you need to do.

4. Make your goal specific. “I am going to loose weight” is to loose. Say ” I am going to loose 5 pounds”

5. Start small. Don’t commit to going to the gym 7 days a week, make it 4 or 5 at first.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

If you are having trouble keeping your resolution. Don’t despair! Reflect on it and reinstate yourself. It is perfectly normal to have set backs. Don’t kick yourself too hard. Love yourself for trying. Don’t give up there is always tomorrow to start again.

We all have our own way of reflecting and resolving to better ourselves. Whether you need to return the farm equipment or loose a few pounds or exercise more let’s think about a fresh new 2020.

If your goal is to buy or sell a house in 2020 contact us here. We would love to sit and chat about how we can make YOUR resolution happen!