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How many times have you said ” I don’t have time for a vacation?” ? There are plenty of reasons why you should take a vacation. Do you know that many employers pay their employees to take a vacation and when it come right down to it…the employee doesn’t take the time off! Think about are getting paid to take time off but you work instead. Sounds to me like you are volunteering your time.

Mental Health

Vacations reduce stress by removing the person from the anxiety and activities that cause the stress. Headaches, backache, neckaches can all be a cause of work related stress. Get away from work for a few days and those ailments can actually get better. Actually, it has been seen that the mental and physical calmness remains even when the person returns to work sometimes up to five weeks.

sunglasses in the sand on the beach
Feeling the calm of the ocean breezes and the sun on your face.

Physical Health

I don’t know about you but just sitting on a sandy beach and listening to the ocean crashing on the shore makes me feel better and probably reduces my blood pressure. How about walking down the beach? Walking on the shoreline is great exercise for your body. The muscles in your legs would love it.

Better Productivity

When you get back to work you have better productivity. Your mind has had time to relax. Sometimes you may even have some great creative thoughts that you can use in the work place. Your boss will be happy with you too. You are refreshed and ready to dig in and perform at peak levels.

Whether you take a 2 or 3 week exotic vacation or just take a couple days off for short trips. You will feel better because of it. You may find that you will sleep better, get along with your fellow workers and be all around more happy. So don’t take my word for it! Plan your next vacation! Your employer, your family and co-workers will all thank you for it.

When you get back I’d love to hear all about your vacation and remember we are here for your Real Estate needs.


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