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Fun Halloween ideas

Whether you are into scary decor or more pumpkins and cornstalks, here are a couple ideas.

*1. If you want a creepy house..
*try spider webs on the the windows

  • Change your light bulbs to yellow or black
  • Flickering electric candles are fun! to make a deserted house look place wood in the windows.

*2. More of a young kid friendly house.
*Jack-o-lanterns are always fun to have around the porch and yard
*Use sheets and cloth to make ghosts

  • Strings hanging from the limbs of trees
  • Lawn decorations are fun too!

Harvest Fall Home
*baskets filled with gourds
*bales of hay

Whatever your taste in decoration is it is always fun. Celebrating a new season is a great way to change the look in your house.
If you thinking of selling, decorations are fun during a showing as well!

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